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Norway’s Got Talent 2017 Semifinalist Appyday started his music and acting Career in Nigeria West Africa. In 2013 He moved to Norway where he is currently based. He did a total rebranding and comeback to his music career in 2016 after being away for some time. It was in the same year he was discovered by one of the casting directors of Norway’s Got Talent as he performed in an open mic show. It was over 1000 unique talents at the beginning of Norway’s Got Talent but Appyday was not just talented but a great entertainer. He made it to the Semi Finals and got a great recognition across Norway through the popular TV show.


His songs are a good blend of Africa and Europe making him irresistibly unique. Since 2016 Appyday has released Many singles and Music videos available on Spotify, Itunes, Youtube, Vevo etc. His videos also play on international music channels including MTV.


Appyday is also a humanitarian musician who loves empowering people especially kids. His dream is to create an enabling and safe environment for less privileged kids in Africa. He plans to establish a foundation for homeless kids in Nigeria in the future.


He wants to use his music to create a peaceful and happy environment for all. Why should people spend their short lives in pain and sorrow? Through his music, he expresses Happiness, Love, Romance, Intimacy and kindness. 

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